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Passing Out of Sight: A Chronicle of Strange Disappearances

Passing Out of Sight: A Chronicle of Strange Disappearances
By Scott Corrales © 2015 for INEXPLICATA

Marcus Garvey, the renowned Jamaican political activist and journalist, once observed that a nation or community without any notion of its history and its past was equivalent to a rootless tree. Much the same can be said for the pursuit of the paranormal, where scholarship is relegated to a dusty metaphorical shelf and only the new is cherished, perhaps for its immediate commercial appeal. But the silent books and periodicals in the stacks have much to tell us.

So it is that in the age of instant communications, Snapchat, WhatsApp and other tokens of modernity, looking at old information in print form seems distinctly quaint. But it is these older sources of knowledge – indelible, printed on yellowing paper that may or may not withstand the test of time – that may hold the key to many mysteries we face today, or if not, at least provide useful background material for contemporary situations.

Perhaps it is safe to say that in the past four years or so, no subject has commanded as much attention as the mysterious disappearances investigated by David Paulides in a series of remarkable books, the Missing 411 collection. While originally focused on cases of missing persons in U.S. national parks and forests, even the area immediately outside these government-owned preserves, Paulides expanded his area of inquiry to other countries and even other situations, namely urban disappearances involving college-aged young men.

Looking through a 1977 issue of SAGA UFO Magazine, specifically Jerome Clark’s Saucer Central U.S.A. column, we can find some interesting information about a disappearance from long ago.
Clark kicks off his column by saying: “One of the strangest UFO occupant encounters of recent months is reported to have taken place near Echo Lake, Colorado, on the evening of June 9, 1976. The alleged witness, 38-year-old Michael Lusignan, is a patent examiner from Arlington, Virginia, who at the time was vacationing in the Colorado mountains and had gotten lost.” While Paulides has wisely avoided taking a stand on the nature of the forces responsible for the mysterious disappearances, Clark did not hesitate to associate the possible cause of the disappearance as being related to the UFO phenomenon.

He goes on to tell his readers that Lusignan’s wife contacted the authorities when the man had not returned to the city of Denver by the agreed time. A search party from the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Department sallied forth at the break of dawn – a force in excess of thirty men with four tracking dogs. For the next forty-eight hours, the environs of Echo Lake and Mt. Evans were diligently combed, with air support subsequently provided by a police helicopter and a military airplane. No trace of Lusignan was found, and the search was called off.

A week later, a pair of cyclists who had stopped at a scenic lookout over the lake heard a man calling for help: it was Michael Lusignan, at the bottom of the seven hundred foot lookout. The tourists alerted the authorities and rescue was promptly initiated. This is where the missing persons story turns a twist into the twilight zone.

During the ambulance ride, Lusignan informed the Sheriff that “on 10 p.m. Wednesday he had seen two rectangular UFOs silently land on nearby Vance Creek. Thinking they were helicopters sent to rescue him, he walked over to them and attempted to talk to the crew.” But the man soon realized that his would-be rescuers were far from what he expected. He said that the strangers “did not speak English” and that they “whispered to each other in some unintelligible language.” More distressing was the fact that their eyes were spaced differently from humans; their attire was colorful, reminding Lusignan of the hues found in Indian and gypsy dress.

He was surprised that their number – over a dozen, perhaps even two - included men, women and children of both sexes, but he made no remarks as to their respective ages. They appeared to be setting up camp. “They forced Lusignan to move to another campsite,” writes Clark, “and during the night he heard horses and dogs. The next day, when he awoke, the peculiar visitors were gone.”
Some of the irregularities that David Paulides has observed in missing persons cases appear in this event, such as the fact that Lusignan actually heard the Clear Creek County rescue crew, but had inexplicably moved away from the men and their dogs rather than toward them. Suggesting that the man could have been suffering from disorientation or even temporary insanity, Clark notes that the animal noises Lusignan associated with the “gypsy” campsite could have indeed been associated with the rescuers and their own animal helpers.

An Assemblage of Oddities

Readers of John Keel’s Our Haunted Planet and The Mothman Prophecies are familiar with the presence of entities resembling the stereotypical image of “gypsies”, although it is unlikely that these are true Romanies, but rather the enigmatic ultraterrestrials whose presence has been noted at several key moments in world history, and some less important ones as well. The “black Cadillacs” associated with the Men-in-Black have also been seen to transport these beings, described as having “stately, dark-skinned, pointed faces with Oriental features,” (Keel, Our Haunted Planet, p.109), but their facial features are significantly different from the individuals with “eyes set apart” in the Lusignan case.

Similar situations have been noted in disappearances at Puerto Rico’s El Yunque in the Caribbean National Rainforest. In 1986, Angel Bernard and his son, were lost for 4 days after wandering off one of the area’s many trails, coming across strange landmarks such as bottomless pits, not normally a feature of the rainforest, pools of quicksand, and the most distressing feature – the skeleton of a hapless, unknown person who never emerged from under El Yunque’s shroud of mystery. Angel Bernard added another interesting note – while the moment they became lost in the rainforest was four o’clock in the afternoon, “there was a sudden, abnormal nightfall” at that time – a feature that has been observed in high-strangeness experiences associated with alien abductions. The elder Bernard encountered a red-eyed, human-looking being surrounded by what he first thought were children, only to see them vanish a lightning speed. Their peals of laughter made him realize that some paranormal force was a work; it prompted him to tell his son that amid their precarious situation, they were also facing forces against which only the deity could ward them. Four days later, they found themselves on another trail on the far side of El Yunque rainforest, with no idea of how their wandering could have led them to that location.

Cynthia Hind, the late UFO researcher from Africa, wrote of an incident involving a deputy minister in the Zimbabwean government. The man became lost on the slopes of that country’s Mount Nyangani with two companions. According to the deputy minister, he and his companions walked aimlessly in a state of confusion, feeling neither thirst nor hunger, all the while seeing and waving frantically at the elements of the rescue team, who did not appear able to see them at all. Apparently, certain blood sacrifices were offered to the tutelary deities of the mountain, which enabled the three men to "re-enter" our normal space-time continuum.

The vanishings on Mount Nyangani are not relegated to dusty bookshelves, either. An article by Phyllis Mbanje was featured in Zimbabwe's The Standard in May 2015. She writes: "Frivolous but seemingly convincing claims have been thrown around, with the latest saying that the missing people might actually be alive somewhere," a statement that dovetails with Cynthia Hind's own work.
The journalist goes on to say that Mushonga Sunyama, a tribal leader, stated that there is a trance medium in neighboring Mozambique who was able to see that the hapless missing persons are inded alive, and that performing certain prescribed rituals will be necessary. Sunyama is quoted as saying: "The spirit medium, Barauro, has told us that the missing people can be found if certain ceremonies are done. [The missing people] were simply blown away by the wind and are wandering somewhere up the mountain."

The fact is that Zayd and Neelam Dada, residents of Harare, the Zimbabwean capital, had gone hiking with friends to explore the spellbinding natural formation. The friends were content with their tour, but Zayd wanted to go back, joining the ranks of the disappeared. "International search experts alongside traditional leaders, the Zimbabwe National Army, Air Force of Zimbabwe [...] all combed the treacherous mountain, but there was no sign of Zayd. He had simply vanished like other before him."

Even more startling is the story of Thomas Gaisford, a student who became lost on Nyangani in November 2014, but lived to tell the tale. Despite warnings aimed at making him desist, Gaisford climbed the mountain. "For 10 dreadful hours, he battled not only against losing his wit, but the strange creatures that crawled on the mountain."

The Silk King Vanishes

Malaysia's verdant Cameron Highlands has its own tale of mysterious disappearances to tell. In 1967, Jim Thompson, the American who single-handedly revitalized the silk industry of Thailand in the 1950s, faded into thin air after going for casual walk in the jungles on Easter Sunday, 1967. A foolhardy undertaking for anyone else, but Thompson had served with the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) during World War 2, recruited by the legendary William Donovan himself.

Thompson's sudden disappearance triggered a massive search, albeit a fruitless one. Undaunted, the searchers soon turned to paranormal means. Employees from his company prayed in front of a white piece of fabric, lit by candles and the burning embers of joss sticks, hoping for a vision on the white surface that would inform them of Thompson's whereabouts. When this method did not work, a spirit medium reported that Thompson was alive, but under the influence evil presences. The medium went into a trance, reporting an hour later that Thompson was in the jungle, still in the thrall of evil spirits. Hidden in a tree, Thompson had supposedly been able to see the rescue parties, going unnoticed, unable to contact them.

A book by Edward De Souza on the Thompson mystery adds the following: "A number of Thais were of the conviction that Jim could have - knowingly or unknowingly, positioned a newly acquired image in an entirely wrong section of his house. This act of carelessness, they sensed, could have brought about much sorrow and anguish to the idol in question. To teach him a good lesson, the spirit made him go round in circles. Being stubborn, he chose not to repent. It was because of this, they reasoned, that he has continued to remain disorientated all this while."

By this reasoning, then, Thompson is still walking in circles, unaware of the passing of time, under the control of unseen forces…

A Pilot goes Missing

Thanks to an article penned by researcher Eduardo Mendoza we learn of a mysterious disappearance of aviator Peter Jacoby, who flew his small aircraft out of Sierra de las Minas in Guatemala toward an airstrip at El Murciélago in the northeastern part of the Central American nation. He was engaged in what could best be described as an "air taxi" service, ferrying passengers to and from distant locations over the jungle canopy. According to records, while crossing the Las Minas mountain range, one of the tallest in the country, he radioed: "I heading down to the lake..."

That was the last that was ever heard from Peter Jacoby.

Guatemalan civil aviation officials ordered a number of search flights to locate the missing flyer, expecting to find wreckage. Operations were suspended after a week of sorties, prompting the missing man's wife and family to take to the airwaves and ask for popular support. Another experienced pilot, Roberto Ayala, offered to conduct a further flight, availing himself of the latest camera gear available at the time, which Eduardo Lopez describes as a Sony DXC 1600. Thus equipped. Ayala followed Jacoby's flight path, recording everything as he went, descending to the lake mentioned in the final communication and then on to the El Murciélago airstrip.

"Putting our lives in jeopardy with Ayala's daredevil flying," explains Lopez, "we secured two hours of video footage. The mountain canyons were clearly captured on tape, which was analyzed minute by minute. The outcome: negative! Peter Jacoby vanished forever and his whereabouts remain unknown twenty-six years later." (Written in 2008).

Theories for the plane's disappearance range from mechanical issues to possible stowaway who killed the pilot to commandeer the aircraft for the drug trade. Some more unorthodox theories suggest that "the private plane vanished, swallowed by supernatural forces of the space-time continuum" and "the vehicle was abducted by beings from outer space."

As a postscript, the author adds the disappearance of an Ecurieul V3 helicopter that departed from La Aurora International Airport on November 18, 2007 , also heading toward the Department of Izabal, on a mission to locate water deposits. The last signal received from the helicopter was over Sierra de las Minas, precisely as it made its descent over Lake Izabal. The pilots, Jorge Reyes and Guillermo Rivera, had clean police records and the suggestion that they had absconded with the aircraft was promptly dismissed. Eduardo López makes an interesting comment to this: “Civil Aviation kept the disappearance a secret – an incomprehensible, hermetic and perhaps strange approach. It was only pressure from the missing pilots’ relatives and the company they flew that caused a search to be intensified. It was believed that the helicopter had fallen into Central America’s second largest lake, but wreckage would have been in evidence, and not a scrap was ever found.
Does some sort of time-space distortion exist over the section of the mountain range overlooking the placid waters of Lake Izabal? It is anyone’s guess.

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Argentina: Strange Lights at Cerro San Javier, Tucumán

Source: GIOT and Planeta UFO
Date: 11/14/15

Argentina: Strange Lights at Cerro San Javier, Tucumán

Strange lights at Cerro San Javier, Tucumán. This event took place at around 8:00 pm. A family was going along Calle Crisóstomo and Av. Colón when they noticed three very white lights - one of them very bright and large, even more so than the planet Venus. The two smaller lights disappered toward the North, according to one of the witnesses, toward Mt. Taficillo, while the larger one rose over Cerro San Javier, vanishing to the West. Another witness, who was closer to the scene, was able to see the greater light in more detail, saying that its brightness was truly impressive, but dismissed the possibility that it could have been a UFO, as it had navigation lights. This is where the confusion starts. A blue navigation light? He also saw the object rise over Cerro San Javier before vanishing. All is still under investigation, where we are expecting confirmation on helicopter fly-bys or perhaps some small plane that could fit the description.

Explaining the two other lights, however, is complicated (the ones that went north, allegedly toward Raco). According to witnesses, these lights moved at high speed, making airplanes or remotely piloted drones - common in this area - questionable. The eyewitness accounts of family that saw and took the photographs, plus two other separate witnesses, coincide. I would be helpful if anyone who saw them, or has further evidence, would contact us.

Grupo de Investigacion OVNI Tucumán (Tucumán UFO Research Group)

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez Planeta UFO and GIOT)

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Argentina: Crop Circles Appear in Santa Fe

Source: InfoNews 23 (Argentina)
Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Argentina: UFOs? Strange Circles Appear in a Santa Fe Field

There were no footsteps, there was no noise, but in the middle of a field of the town of Malabrigo, Province of Santa Fe, local residents were startled by imprints that appeared in the area, and logically, led them to think of an extraterrestrial phenomenon.

A little over a year ago, strange circular marks were found in a field some 8 kilometers from the city. The phenomenon has now repeated itself in a wheat field and only meters away from the town.

There is no explanation. The fact is that the strange "drawing" managed to startle residents of Malabrigo, who want to solve the riddle amid their astonishment and uncertainty.

According to the VISION OVNI web site, the drawing, which appeared on Saturday, November 7 at 1000 meters from the home of Mrs. Gloria Pinatti, presents a 50 meters outer circle, a 30 meter inner circle, and a 2 meter wide edge.

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Andrea Pérez Simondini, VISION OVNI]

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Argentina: UFO Recorded at El Challao, Mendoza

Source: El Tiempo de San Juan
Date: 11.04.2015

Argentina: UFO Recorded at El Challao, Mendoza (Argentina)

A woman recorded an unidentified flying object at El Challao on Wednesday around 0400 hours, according to MendozaPost, a web portal in that city. The light that can be seen in the sky was over El Mirador, according to the casual correspondent. She was there with other people, and upon seeing the light, took out her cellphone and recorded it.

[Note: The footage mentioned in this news story was uploaded to YouTube but does not show any appreciable details: ]

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Spain: Not a UFO, Just "Space Junk"

Source: La Vanguardia (Spain)
Date: 11.06.2015

Spain: Not a UFO, Space Junk

Guardia Civil placed under alert after two shepherds discover a grey sphere that gave off heat and was surrounded by a small crater.

Madrid/Murcia (Sara Barderas) - Francisco and Juan Espin, sibling shepherds from the Murcia region, were nonplussed to see that object in the middle of the field where they kept their sheep and goats. The greyish orb gave off heat and had formed a small crater around itself. They had never seen anything similar.

"This must've fallen from the sky," they said to each other, according to Murcia's "La Verdad de Murcia" newspaper. There were no footprints around it, indicating that no one had deposited at that location, traversing a muddy road.

The young shepherds, ages 27 and 25 respectively, took out their cellphones to photograph and record the object, sending images to their friends to see if anyone had any idea. In the meantime, they touched it and tried to move it. It weighted 20 kilos and had a diameter of 70 centimeters. "It had a sort of valve on its upper section and appeared to be sheathed in something like fiberglass. We'd never seen anything like it," they told the local press.

Since Tuesday, the strange sphere has been featured in the conversations between locals of Los Llanos del Cagitán in southeastern Spain. It has become a headache not only for the shepherds, but for the army, police and Guardia Civil.

The Army had been engaged in maneuvers for a number of days in the vicinity, and the first thought to cross they shepherds' minds was that it could be part of some military vehicle. But the military itself dismissed the likelihood when asked for an opinion.

It was then that the Police and Guardia Civil entered the scene. Agents of the latter, wearing anti-radiation gear of the kind depicted in movies, created a perimeter and activated the NRBQ protocol (nuclear, radiological, bacteriological and chemical). Specialists from the Explosive Artifact Deactivation Group (GEDEX) also reported to the scene. Things were getting serious.

Having analyzed the object, the likelihood of its being radioactive and containing explosives was dismissed. A conclusion was finally reached: everything suggested that it was a spare fuel container from a space rocket. This is not the first time one has fallen to earth.

Space junk is a problem and space agencies have been seeking solutions for some time, both to follow its trajectory and to eliminate it. Even particles measuring a few millimeters can cause serious damage, turned into bullets due to the velocity achieved in orbit.

NASA's Madrid tracking station and the European Space Agency (ESA) were advised of the event.

Ivan Moya Sanchez, a 24-year-old community manager and brother-in-law to the shepherds, had reached a conclusion on his own that was similar to that of the Guardia Civil. Cross-checking photos and videos on the Internet, he found photos of a similar sphere that fell in South Africa in 1962 and was from a NASA Atlas booster.

"The sphere has the looks of being a gas pressure vessel (COPV), possibly from some space station. These objects are made of a material so resistant that they survive reentry nearly intact, and [even survive] catastrophic explosions," said the young man. Tests have concluded that there is no environmental or health hazard for people in the rural area.

"The UFO that fell in Murcia on Tuesday was neither alien nor rainproof. It was just space junk," the Guardia Civil wrote on Twitter early this morning. "It was clearly from a rocket, since it plummeted to the ground.

Link: [Photo Credit: La Vanguardia]

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez]

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Mexico: Photo Shows UFOs Over Poza Rica

Source: Hora Cero and Planeta UFO
Date: 11.03.2015

Guillermo Giménez shares the following image with us, allegedly showing a UFO over the community of Poza Rica, Veracruz (Mexico). "People clustered on sidewalks to witness the phenomenon, which involved several luminous lights which remained visible for several minutes, spinning over the city's downtown area," according to Mexico's Hora Cero website. (All photos (c) Hora Cero)

[Note: Video footage has also emerged:]

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Spain: A UFO Over Cabrejas, Witnessed by Three (1974)

Source: Diario de Cuenca
Date: 05.09.1974

Spain: A UFO Over Cabrejas, Witnessed by Three (1974)
By José Vicente Avila

A UFO in Cuenca? So it would seem. Mr. Amadeo Villar, the renowned industrialist who was on his way to Madrid at seven o'clock in the morning on Tuesday, accompanied by his daughter and his driver, Manuel Ruiz, saw a strange object in the skies over Cabrejas. Was it a flying saucer? The news isn't new because similar events are taking place in some parts of our country. Nor is it the first UFO to be seen in our province: as our friend and colleague Luis Calvo, from Radio Peninsular, was saying yesterday, this is the third one. The first one appeared around La Mancha some eight years ago and left ground traces. The second was seen by two residents of Cuenca who were heading to Madrid and their car suddenly died when the phenomenon came into view. The third is the one seen by Amadeo Villar. We have spoken with him and his driver, while his employees make humorous remarks about the "experience" that befell them.

"When did you notice the flying object?"

"We were on our way to Madrid, and when were up around Alto dee Cabrejas, I saw something strange that reflected through the windshield. First I thought it was the sun, but I kept looking at it, and said so to Rosa Mari, my daughter, and Manolo. We saw there was a clear space amid the clouds and saw the strange object perfectly. It gave the impression of being a very bright television set. I told them that it was a flying dart, but my daughter and Manolo said, "Can’t you see it's spinning? It looks like a flying saucer."
"What was its color?"
"A very bright color. Similar to a TV set when it’s turned on and a strong brightness appears. This was much more intense and orange in color."
"Manolo Ruiz, you were driving the car. What was your impression?"
"I had a strange sensation. I slowed down to see it better, since we were going at ninety, and I saw that there was a luminous object to our left."
"Had you ever seen anything similar?"
"No. I've traveled a lot and have never seen anything like it."
"Don't you think there could be some confusion with a sunbeam?"
"No, no," Amadeo interrupts. "I had been looking at it for a while and it hurt my eyes. When we were watching it calmly with my daughter, she said: "Daddy, this is scaring me."
"How long was it in sight?"
"Some forty or fifty seconds."
"Did it vanish completely?"
"No. It ducked into the clouds and we could see its reflection through them, just as we'd seen it before, thanks to its considerable brightness."
"This means that you no longer find the stories that appear daily at all strange, regarding similar cases elsewhere."
"I was rather skeptical about these things. I thought that UFOs didn't exist and that they were optical illusions. But when we saw it clearly, we realized that it was an object unknown to us, but rotating."
"Do you know about weather balloons?"
"No. I've heard them mentioned, but I've never seen one. I don't think this was a weather balloon, of course, because I imagine that they wouldn't have the brightness that this object possessed. It was exactly like a flying TV set, with a lot of glare."
"How does one feel when such things are seen, Manolo?"
"It was in our heads for a while and we kept turning the matter over and over.
"I came back yesterday," says Amadeo, "and didn't say a word to anybody, because people may take it in jest. But when Manolo came, I decided to tell the story because there was at least one witness. If anyone wants to verify this, my daughter is at school in Madrid. You can ask her over the phone, if you like."
"How did your friends react when they heard the news?"
"Some took it lightly, others seriously. Everyone has wanted to know and they've asked me a thousand times what it was like, since everyone is interested in these things when they occur."

What does appear to be the case is that an unidentified flying object has flown over Cabrejas for a few seconds. There have been witnesses who have found themselves having to describe their "vision" over and over, because when it comes to flying saucers and extraterrestrials, the veil of mystery is lifted little by little. Some will believe, others won't. The story, however, occupies the front page of our current affairs.

[Translation (c) 2015 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, with thanks to José Vicente Avila]

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Chile: The Constitución Ambulance "Time Slip" (1983)

[From the files of Chilean UFO researcher Liliana Núñez Orellana]

Chile: The Constitución Ambulance “Time Slip” (1983)
By Marino Magallanes Mar

Sighting in: 7th Region of the Maule
Locality: Road from Constitución to San Javier
Date: March 28, 1983 – 0400 hours
Witnesses: Mr. Aquiles González, driver of the Constitución Hospital ambulance
Paramedic: Ms. Rosita Cancino
Assistant: Mr. Miguel Yáñez

A Journey from Constitución to Talca With a Seriously Ill Male Patient:
In the vicinity of the road known as Piedra del Baño, a UFO appeared from the south, looking at first like a large yellow light. Upon approaching the ambulance, it was seen to have the shape of an inverted saucer bowl (classic flying saucer shape), but upon more detained examination, it was determined that its shape was really that of a cigar, not very clear due to the powerful light emitted by this UFO. It light up the area over 100 meters around, giving the impression that it was a clear, cloudless day. Nocturnal insects could be clearly seen. The UFO began circling the ambulance, placing itself both at its sides, behind it and in front of it. Driver Aquiles Gonzalez reduced his speed considerably, fearing a possible collision with the UFO. He dropped from 120 kmh to a hundred, slowing down even further to 70 kmh and less.

The patient’s serious condition was causing him to drive at 120 kmh. A speed similar to that of the ambulance was calculated for the UFO, and a length of 35 to 40 meters more or less. According to ambulance personnel, the UFO appeared to be solid at its core. It performed incredible maneuvers; all of its turns were either in straight or sharp angles. However, its maneuvers in the skies of the Maule appeared to be curvilinear.

Aquiles Gonzalez, the driver, feared that he would crash with the UFO many times, being forced to lower his speed even more. The ambulance’s headlights and parking lights remained on. There was no alteration or damage to the vehicle’s electrical or lighting system. Both the low-and-high beams were no comparison to the light issuing from the UFO. The ambulance crew was very frightened, particularly paramedic Rosita Cancino. Mr. Gonzalez was able to overcome his fear considerable. He told me: “I braced myself for what could happen, but I had to get my patient to the Talca Hospital alive.”

They spoke little for the rest of the journey. They thought that doing so would cause the UFO to reappear. The UFO did not change colors at any moment during its orbits around the ambulance – its hue remained between yellow and very bright white. They did not discuss the sighting upon reaching Talca, fearful of mockery by the duty staff at the hospital, but they did notice the time on the clock in Talca.

The UFO did not leave a wake as it flew. The UFO approached the road surface several times ahead of the vehicle, coming to between 3 and 5 meters above the ground. The pavement of the road linking Constitución with San Javier and later on with Talca is of the highest quality. Ambient temperature increased noticeably, with Aquiles noting that such a heat was unusual at that time of the morning, but this could have been brought on by the state of his nerves. All of the UFOs maneuvers were silent (Paramedic Rosita Cancino will have to describe her own nervous and physical problems in person). Something very strange happened with the time it took for Aquiles’s ambulance to cover the distance from Constitución to Talca.

Journeys with gravely ill patients take approximately an hour and twenty minutes. In this case, the trip only took 50 minutes, timed by the mechanical wristwatches of the ambulance staff, despite having had to slow down and dodge the UFO for some 15 to 20 minutes for over 15 kilometers. When [the UFO] vanished, it did so at tremendous speed toward the Andean Range, vanishing in little over 4 seconds.

I am attaching a scaled map of the area from Constitución to the Andean Range. All of the points indicated have been visited by UFOs. As you can see, time shrank for us.

[Note: the author goes on to cite the “Vuelta a America del Sur” Rally incident of 1978 by way of comparison. Interested readers can visit for a detailed article on this case, quoting police records.]

[Translation © 2015 S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, with thanks to Liliana Núñez Orellana